YTF : Yesterday Today Forever

YTF : Yesterday Today Forever

You may have seen the term YTF floating around from your favorite YouTube stars including Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu (aka Kevjumba), Chester See, Victor Kim, D-Trix, JR Aquino and Andrew Garcia. What is the meaning of YTF? This video will tell you what it is and what it means. (also see the interviews with Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, and Victor Kim.)

YTF is the historic convergence of the most popular celebrity entertainers from YouTube and the social networking communities. It was conceived by its members as a way to collaborate artistically and interact with fans around the world in an intimate, exciting way never before experienced. YTF’s mission is to not only entertain, but to share the group’s personal message of empowerment with their fans. The philosophy behind YTF – Yesterday, Today, Forever – is that success and happiness in one’s life starts with individual choice:

Yesterday is in the past.
Today you have a choice.
Forever is up to you.

With this message, the YTF crew has created a live show featuring singing, dancing and sketch comedy that carries a hip, wholesome and positive vibe. The entire YTF crew welcomes you to share in their dreams, and enjoy the show!

Their first concert is in Hawaii this weekend in Oahu, Hawaii. Here’s the info:

YTF Global in Hawaii
Hawaii Theater
1130 Bethel Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Sunday, October 9, 2011
6:00 PM – Doors Open
7:00 PM – Show Starts
VIP and Platinum VIP are sold out already.
Only General Admission tickets are available for $30.

Expect more YTF concerts coming to a city near you.

YTF : Yesterday Today Forever

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