Ryan Higa on Supah Ninjas, YouTube, ISA, YTF, and more

Ryan Higa in Supah Ninjas

During the 2011 ISA SF Bay Area concert, channelAPA.com had a chance to chop it up with YouTuber Ryan Higa. He’s got over 4 million Youtube subscribers, but is exploring options outside of YouTube as well. One route he’s looking at is TV. On the October 1, 2011, Ryan Higa will be the guest star on the “DJ Elephant Head: A Ninja Without Dreams” episode of Supah Ninjas on Nickelodeon. He’ll be playing the sleep-inducing DJ Elephant Head looking to steal a diamond, while the main cast will to learn a new type of martial arts for the big finale. Watch some of the behind the scenes footage. (Also on the same day, he’s one of the hosts for the 2011 ISA LA festival. So you can see him live if you’re in the Los Angeles area.)

Behind the scenes with Ryan Higa in Supah Ninjas

Ryan Higa as DJ Elephant Head on Supah Ninjas (full episode)

Ending fight sequence with DJ Elephant Head: Fighting to the Beat

With online films like Agents of Secret Stuff and songs like Shed a Tear & Nice Guys, the young video star is looking beyond youtube. He’s now officially part of International Secret Agents (ISA) and just started YTF, which is comprised of Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu (aka Kevjumba), Chester See, Victor Kim, D-Trix, JR Aquino and Andrew Garcia. YTF is kicking off next week with a concert in Hawaii with their main objective to inspire people to help them believe that dreams can come true.

Ryan Higa talks to channelAPA on Supah Ninjas, YouTube, ISA, YTF, and more

If you’re in Hawaii, you can join Ryan and the rest of the YTF crew on October 9, 2011. get tickets here.

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