For You by Viennie V

For You by Viennie V

In Viennie V’s latest video “For You”, she finds herself in the midst of an outrageous dating show on her hilarious quest for true love. Who will she go for? Hungry Momma’s Boy? Asian Bond? or muscle jock? Watch as she saves her dates from drowning, choking and falling before finding sweet love on a rooftop at sunset. It’s a fun game show theme with a retro pop-rock sound.

Here’s more from Viennie V:
“For me, ‘For You’ is about a girl who’s almost given up on finding love, but has decided to try one more time to find the right guy… a guy who is honest and true- someone she’ll do anything for. I feel like this is a song that many girls and women will be able to relate to ‘cause we’ve all been in those awful relationships at one time or another and hopefully in the end we will find the ‘perfect guy’!”

You can get the song on For You - For You - Single or amazon. Be sure to check out her first album on Nightmare or Dream - Viennie V or amazon.

For You by Viennie V

Lyrics for For You by Viennie V

I’m aiming with my loaded gun
I’m searching for the perfect one
I’m finding me a love that’s right
before the night is over.

I’m chasing down a pure heart
I’m calling out to where you are
I’m sending out a single flare
I feel you getting closer … closer.

I would move the world for you
If you ever asked me to
Circle ’round the sun and moon
I would move the world for you, for you.
For you, for you, for you.

Boys they tell there silly lies
And girls they get so teary eyed
I swear I’d thought of giving up
the dream of love forever.

Sayonara to the cheats and fakes
Cause tonight I’m gonna raise the stakes
I’m wishing on a falling star
to draw our hearts together … together.

[CHORUS 1: X2]
For you.
Hmmm, yeah.

Its like I’ve got a second wind that’s kicking in
I’m braver than I’ve ever been
If what I feel is finally real
then I know


I would move the world for you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Race across the midnight blue
I would move the world for you


For you.
For you.

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