Jeremy Lin debuts with New York Knicks

Jeremy Lin debuts with New York Knicks
For those following Jeremy Lin, he’s had a crazy couple of weeks since the lockout ended. His home team the Golden State Warriors put him on waivers to free up cap space in order to make their failed bid at restricted DeAndre Jordan on the market on December 9, 2011. A few days later on December 11, 2011, Jeremy was added to the Houston Rockets as one of four point guards. Yao Ming’s former NBA team kept him about two weeks before they waived him on Christmas Day to make room on the roster for center Samuel Dalembert. Again, Jeremy was claimed by another team a few days later. On December 27, 2011, he was picked up by the New York Knicks. With point guards Baron Davis and Mike Bibb out with back injuries and Iman Shumpert with a knee injury, Jeremy Lin plays the role of back up once again. No telling what will happen when his fellow Knicks get better. For now, you can see him in a New York. His contract is non-guaranteed, so he can remain on the Knicks’ roster until February 5, 2012 without counting against their salary cap.

Yesterday, Jeremy Lin was already tossed in the lineup during a game against his former team the Golden State Warriors. It was just a day after getting signed and one shoot around. He played about 1 minute 30 seconds of mostly defense. There’s no telling what’s going to happen with him on the Knicks.

Jeremy Lin speaks to the media in San Fransisco about joining the Knicks.

Jeremy Lin debut with New York Knicks

Jeremy Lin as a houston Rocket
As a brief time as a Rocket, point guard Jeremy Lin discusses his time with the team and offers a self-assessment of his skillset. He views his strength as penetrating the basket and defense. His weakness is his jumpshot, but he’s been working on it. His defensive plays on steals and blocks is high. Down the road, he wants to be a well rounded player blending the skills from the best out there. Jeremy Lin loves attacking the basket with pick & rolls and transitions/mismatch.




Jeremy Lin talks about being with the Houston Rockets.

Jeremy Lin does Macarena as a new member of the Rockets (see 1:54 mark). BTW – Jeremy Lin did the Dougie as a Warrior

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