R.I.P. (Pvt. Danny Chen) by Jason Chu

R.I.P. (Pvt. Danny Chen) by Jason Chu

Rapper Jason Chu released the song R.I.P. (Pvt. Danny Chen) following the revelations that he was hazed by his fellow G.I. It was so bad that Danny Chen took his own life. The rapper followed the scandal as it has grown, and had to voice his increasingly strong emotions over the tragedy that’s happened. Much like what he did with the single Vincent Chin as part of Model Minority, Jason Chu tells the tale of Danny Chen and his struggles and draws parallels in his own life.

R.I.P. Private Danny Chen. Our prayers & thoughts go to his family.

R.I.P. (Pvt. Danny Chen) by Jason Chu

Lyrics to R.I.P. (Pvt. Danny Chen) by

Intro [0:05-0:20]
I’m sick right now but I’ve been reading the news
and I HAD to put my thoughts in words
and my words in a song
So if you hear me sniffling, that’s why.

Justice for Danny Chen

Verse 1 [0:20-1:00]
Heard the news, I didn’t want to investigate
After many traumas, there’s a damage to the brain
Story I’ve heard before – why expect a different outcome?
This race-based hate is a tide that we can’t outrun
I’m out – but the headlines kept pulling me back
New discoveries, uncovering the bullying acts
I was repulsed, but I knew I should examine the facts
If we don’t study from the present – the past is coming back
Refreshing the page, Wikipedia news
My eyes blurring with the rage of the story I viewed
It was a mockery of honor that a man who enlisted
Was allowed to be belittled by the men who were with him
Military insisted that they had no clue
Then they flipped and admitted what the evidence proved
Bigger problems at hand, and the story kept growing
My heart kept sinking as the demons kept showing

Chorus 1 [1:00-1:20]
What happens to a dream deferred?
How many more R I P’s till our tale is heard?
What happens to the silent youth?
How many more news headlines before we hear the truth?

Verse 2 [1:21-2:00]
Born in 92, he was younger than my little sis
Manhattan Chinatown where he was a little kid
Lookin at his pictures, can’t believe what I see
He’s skinny and he’s taller – but he kinda looks like me
Then I read about the hazing that had brought him to his knees
How they dragged him out the barracks when no shoes were on his feet
They threw rocks at him, how could this happen in my own country
But I know because I’ve had those ******* rocks thrown at me
In my backyard by some kids who just might have grown up to be
These 8 American soldiers who were just some big bullies
Should have been his band of brothers but instead they pierced his shields
With bullets made out of wounds that decades havent healed
And I think of Vincent Chin, it makes me physically sick
To think that three decades have passed and we’re still dealing with this ****
And officials still deny that the system has a glitch
So it’s up to us to raise our voices loud until it’s fixed

Chorus 2 [2:00-2:20]

Verse 3 [2:21-3:00]
I know there’s some problems that can’t be solved
I’m not saying that the army should be straight-up dissolved
There’s no need to get up in arms when race is involved
Hold up – yes we should, ’cause it affects us all
I can’t trust an army that covers its tracks
And tries to say it’s all good when it’s far from that
Look at the history: Harry Lew was hazed to death
And they still claim that their values are based on respect?
Mr. and Mrs. Chen, you can cry, it’s OK
Don’t try to pretend that it all makes sense today
But I see your inner strength and it lifts my soul
Makes me feel like there’s a chance for our country to grow
I’m NOT saying that our struggle’s tougher than yours
Every culture has a shame that we try to ignore
But light kills the darkness, so I’m tryin to shine
And shed rays on the pain of the race that is mine

Chorus 3 [3:00-3:20]

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