Dictate music video by Airplane Boys

Dictate music video by Airplane Boys

The Airplane Boys dropped the music video for their single “Dictate” off their Alignment mixtape. The black and white video delves into some of the things that dictate our lives. What’s real and what’s fake in the material world we live in? Do we hide things so we can chase the paper and wealth? What dictates you?

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Dictate music video by Airplane Boys (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Dictate by Airplane Boys

When the sunrise I rise too
Penthouse high rise I got a nice view
ya’ll down there so I can’t see you
running this race I hope you got the right shoes
you know I got them right kicks like it’s kung fu
I’m getting kinda hungry ya’ll look like eat food
well here’s today’s lesson lemme take ya’ll to school
well here’s today’s lesson lemme take ya’ll to school
you know we bullet proof looking like la roux
incase these f*cking haters wanna columbine the school
everybody want fame and they wanna be cool
well here’s two bullets put your ass in the news mother f*cker

yeh yeh
how’s that for live coverage
I’m just tryna get the money life progress
cop my mom a new crib no mortgage
while ya’ll n*ggas stay the same like the olsen twins
I’m tryna finish what I started
these rappers telling lies Matt Damon from departed
my team got money
my team go the hardest but when it come down to it you don’t got no heart b*tch

swag on all day f*ck a on switch
embeded in my DNA check my posture
I’m so lean with it rock with it
please put a sock in it we got the fiends like it’s narcotics
that we putting your ear
only piff music digest through your ear
God beside me so why should I fear
through the dark and the smole I appear
last hope last glow of light out shining passing the horizon I’m surfing the silver lining
combining all my power together I am a giant
reaching out to the sky and I’m putting stars in alignment

I prey for them haters that be waiting for our down fall
they feel they larger than our lives cuz they stand tall
funny boys need to stand up
doing all they stand ups
stand down
not ready for a stand off
yeah, that’s brothers over b*tches
soon we’ll see the paper so that’s brothers over business
different type of problems so why bother with you children, ya’ll just the children of men cuz you fail to see existence
piss off, no rules we are the misfits
products of our environment catapulted we lifted
fallen into the ripples we carnivores now we rippin’
an hour ago we were distant
the power throne is a given
al capone I’m ballistic
compatible with gift
it appears that we blowing up all of ya lanes, break the fances
dancing with ya face guard so your fencing
Beau Monde til we die art lord henchmen
I know that money always takes what it gives
so I live my life ignorant so i can feel the bliss
we have our own people, man we do our own shit
don’t trust you outsiders you ain’t fuckin’ with our shit
Beau Monde no weakness in the armor
give it to there’s no weakness in the karma
running on these sentences deleting out the commas
haters wanna talk, let em’ talk we don’t bother
So wussup? yeah, wussup? like a really give a fuck
you ain’t got my intelligence, I ain’t even old enough yet
far from my prime yet my mind sees prisms
panoramic thoughts i see the colors that your missing
uh I mean I’m different, yeah but who isn’t?
Oh? your over thinking
wanna live that lifestyle something italian or parisian
but your eyes are just used for sight while my eyes are seeing vision
oh how it’s vivid
they’re sick of it
now that we on
your moments are gone
we moving your pawns
maybe the feeling that we really born
they really defeated we king of the thrown
over ya thoughts, over ya heads, over the doubts, we literally flown
she said i’d miss
I thank you miss
they tried to kill the dream when i was sensitive
empower all the righteous fuck the negatives
that’s what the sentence is, fuck the negatives b*tch

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