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May 3rd, 2012

Love Drama music video by Sam Kang

by Kevin Hsieh - channel APA

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Love Drama music video by Sam Kang

If you liked the music video for In Your Arms by Kina Grannis, you’ll fall for Love Drama by Sam Kang. The animated stop motion video follows Sam Kang in his conquest to save the damsel in distress, Jennifer Field from the Ktown Reality Show. It’s a fun storyline for the song that took a lot of planning and photos to create. Here’s some stats on what it took to make the music video:

7 months
3-4 man crew (majority of the project)
3000+ photos shot frame by frame (stop motion)
All photos were printed and individually hand cut
All props, toy models, and landscapes were hand crafted
Some additional help from our friends
Entire video was re-shot frame by frame (stop motion) using all the above

Sam Kang may be sick of the love drama, but you won’t be. You just might watch the music video a few times. Expect this video to viral in the near future. Yeah…Yeah…Yeah

You can download the single FREE below:

Love Drama music video by Sam Kang

Lyrics to Love Drama by Sam Kang

Picture perfect on the movie screen
Every story is a masterpiece
Of how the boy meets girl, they fall in love and then
End up with a kiss to remember
I think I’ve seen it about a thousand times
The twisted tale of fate is no disguise
I know that love is strong but can it be this good
Or have I just been fooled by the makers

I’m sick of this love drama baby

And trouble’s gone before the ending creds
The answer comes in a fairy end
Cause there’s a perfect song for every perfect line
That’s easy for everyone to live by
Where everything is peachy keen
And love is everything you’ve ever dreamed
The castle’s not too far, the night is never dark
And nothing’s ever hard to wonder

I’m sick of this love drama baby

Cause baby I’m over this
I’m tired of this game
It’s not that I’m not impressed
But it always ends the same
Is it so wrong to speak
And say that I don’t want to be
Stuck in a love scene

I’m sick of this love drama baby

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