Prison Dancer Episode 5

Prison Dancer Episode 5

The fifth episode of Prison Dancer has been released. Pop journalist and memehunter Matt Wells discovers how Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao inspired LOLA and 1,000 hardcore criminals to dance, and meets HOOKAPS, the brains behind the first viral video. It’s the Pak Yow episode. There’s even a tutorial from Hookaps on how to do the boxing moves of the Pak Yow. Learn it and show everyone your new moves.

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More about Prison Dancer
Prison Dancer is the story of 6 Filipino prisoners whose lives are forever changed by the dancing rehabilitation program that became a worldwide viral sensation on Youtube. Using surveillance footage, interviews with inmates inside the prison, and good old fashioned investigative journalism, pop culture journalist Matt Wells uncovers the personal, poignant, hilarious and universal stories of 6 prison dancers whose group dancing turned a maximum security jailhouse into a world stage.

Behind the prison walls, we meet inmates Ruperto Poblador aka LOLA (who along with his gay minions OO OO and NANA, choreographs the first prison dance routines), HOOKAPS, (the prison hustler), SHAKESPEARE (the prison’s resident poet) and CHRISTIAN, (the prison’s newest inmate) and discovers a tale of life, death, dreams, fears and ultimately, redemption.

Prison Dancer Episode 5

Pak Yow Dance Tutorial

Lyrics to Pak Yow from Prison Dancer

Pak Yow

(Do the Pak Yow)
Manny Pacquiao is his name
he will punch you in your brain
you can do just like he does
when you put on your boxing gloves

(Pak Yow! x4)

Manny Pacquiao is the best
You know he can beat the rest
Sometimes when you touch his punch
His fist will eat your face for lunch

(Pak Yow! x4)

Everybody duck the rope
duck the rope
duck the rope
duck the rope

Everybody rope a dope
rope a dope
rope a dope
rope a dope


Manny Pacquiao is the king
king of all the Philippines
right jab
he can kick your ass
left punch
take off your moustache

(Pak Yow x4)

Who’s your coach?
Freddie Roach x8

Who’s your coach?
Ask yourself that question…

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