Take The Pain Away by J.Reyez x Lydia Paek

Take The Pain Away by J.Reyez x Lydia Paek

Rapper J.Reyez x singer/dancer Lydia Paek team up once again for another track “Take The Pain Away” off J.Reyez’ “Wake Up Call” EP. J.Reyez contemplates on his life from his immaturity in his younger days to his drive to make it in the music industry. He also takes it to the haters with this single. Life isn’t easy as he looks for things that take the pain away, but at the same time he’s trying to be a better man. You can get “Will Call” EP on Wake Up Call - J.Reyez or amazon.

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Take The Pain Away by J.Reyez x Lydia Paek (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Take The Pain Away by J.Reyez x Lydia Paek

(verse 1)
you don’t need to change J? you must be on that high too
you’re not alone, others have miserable lives too
I’m trying to guide you, help your ass find you
’cause you’re so lost but I’m here right beside you
and it’s a cold world, try to see who cares
to make a change, the other one needs to spare
every sentence that I say you seem very hurt
you’re pissed off, you think you’re so fly? you ain’t Larry Bird
you get offended when I say to fix your character
it’s a life lesson, ain’t nobody gonna like you
if you never wanna listen and I’m guessin’ you don’t get it huh?
why can’t you swallow your pride and just accept it huh?
sensitive about the sh*t that people telling you
but instead of realizing that they’re helping you
you haven’t learned but I still got your back J
and I ain’t trying to put you down in a bad way

we taking life for granted everyday
we should grateful for the sh*t we have in every way
yeah oh I’m bout it every day
yeah oh I’m bout it every day
we living life to survive, just to get by
some of us scared to live so we get high
yeah oh to take the pain away
yeah oh to take the pain away

(verse 2)
yeah sometimes I contemplate the bad things
never take responsibility for my actions
I used to hate when people try to tell me what to do
and I ain’t trying to hear that, what you want me to f*ckin’ do?
like I know what I’m doing so leave me alone
and I ain’t stupid, I can do this sh*t on my own
I never realized the bigger picture
I just did whatever I could to get it quicker
I realized through my mistakes, I should’ve listened first
I can admit now I was a little immature
drinking enough to make me kinda wanna throw up
but it’s time to f*cking grow up
I need to do this for my fam, I need to blow up
it never phased us to everyone who hates us
to everyone supporting me that ever showed up
to everyone who doubted me on the way up

I have one drink, now two drinks
take the pain away, I don’t know what to think
I inhale and exhale and breathe slow
I mix this and pop that, the streets glow
I just wanna live life the highway
with no lows, nothing crooked or sideways
and I wanna live my dreams
but I’m still trying to find me

I’m getting lost, I’m a lost boy
never worry ’bout the money is my top choice
I’m trying to enjoy my life, I wanna feel it
and make a voice for the world to wanna hear it
yeah I’m talking something like a president
I’m trying to improve myself, be a better man
yeah oh be a better man
yeah oh I hope you understand

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