Washing Away by The Fu

Washing Away by The Fu

The Fu released the touching song “Washing Away.” The brothers use some stop motion animation with polaroids to illustrate their single. (Reminds us of Love Drama by Sam Kang and In Your Arms by Kina Grannis) We all get distracted in everyday life and especially during the holidays. Don’t forget what’s important in your life and be sure you spend time with those people who are special to you. What are some ways you like spending time with your friends and family? You can get the track on Washing Away - Washing Away - Single.

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Washing Away by The Fu

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Lyrics to Washing Away by The Fu

Washing away
All the colors in the leaves
As the skies begin to freeze
I look to you

Calling out in vain
To a sea of faceless names
I can see that I’m to blame
For who we are

I want to see you feel you
Know that you see me
and feel my heart

Washing away
All the lies inside my head
All the tears and blood I shed
Was meant for you

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