88 Jade Way : Episode 5

88 Jade Way : Episode 5

The web series 88 Jade Way continues with episode 5. After losing the building and shunned by his tenants- Mr. Fu falls into a deep depression. Luckily- he’s visited by the ghost of his wife and is given a dose of tough love. What will Mr. Fu after a motivating chat with his wife? At the same time, the residents are starting to learn that they were duped by Mr. Moolah.

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88 Jade Way : Episode 5 (contains adult language and situations)

Lyrics to You Marry a Liar

Sometimes I feel like I make you frown.
I promise you one thing, but then let you down.
It feel like you up there, way up in the clouds, shaking you head, screaming so loud.
You marry a liar, that’s what I am. Not like I try to do all I can.
Living without you way down on the ground.
I feel so alone without you around.

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