Castles by GOWE

Castles by GOWE

Hip hop artist GOWE dropped the music video for his single “Castles” off his all-jazz themed mixtape “Summer Breeze Sonatas”. The video highlight various live performances juxtaposed against his wanderings in the city of Seattle. It’s split screen action as you see his personal life and his life as an entertainer. Follow his musical journey.

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Castles by GOWE

Lyrics to Castles by GOWE

V1 –
Got the records on blast with the feelings intact
With the crescent of the moon that is turning all black with
the clouds that surround it driving by my lonesome thinking
bout the future while the music it evokes some kind of feelings
that I’ve hidden from the forefront my heart was shattered
in the past until I felt a sore one
Meaning that it grew with a little bit of room to
Read it haikus while its sitting by you
And I really want to know will I be hurt again verses on a pen
that re-disperse when I try to vent and so I take a minute
and try to redesign it Instead of being blinded my decision’s
to invite it and so I breathe and inhale it in my system
While I take it by the hand & I dance with indecision
But that’s the part of the risk with any chance that we get
And so I’m set feeling blessed that we met – yes

Hook –
I hope to one day be free, I’m building castles my beach
Is on the same road and street the front door is right by the sea
The sea, the front door’s right by the sea, the sea

I hope to one day hold hands, with live music from my band
As we let go of past hurts while we just go walk through the sand
The sand, while we just walk through the sand, the sand

V2 –
See im laying here thinking with my eyes to the ceiling
‘Past left a scar that my bars keep healing with
he right kind of canvas a drum and a beat making sure
the jazz keys setted on repeat so I can vibe out listen
reflect through the city drive slow through the roads
where the lights all pretty I’m used to being by myself
leave the pen and the cell the Best way to roll deep
like a hook to Adele, well kinda close, but its looking the same
Got a early morning flight while im just up and awake
So when I do get on the plane and I am falling asleep
I can rest in the clouds while saying hi to my dreams
Hey nice to see you I’ve seen you since a kid
you would slip me a preview and now that I’ve matured
with a reason to tour I keep slipping back to you like a beach on the shore…

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