Wong Fu Productions 2009 review

Wong Fu Productions had a very busy and eventful year. All the hustlin’ they did in 2009 paid off big time. We actually got a chance to meet Wong Fu a couple times as they promoted ISA SF 2009, even watched Phil battle Jin. With all the meet and greets they do, the guys at Wong Fu clearly understand that it the fans that make them who they are as the go on tours to college campuses for the Spring Tour 2009 and Autumn Tour 2009. They are very gracious to their fans.

In addition to the fans, they also do a lot of collaboration with Asian American artists like David Choi, Sam Geunjin Kang, KevJumba, Happyslip, and Far East Movement. For ISA LA 2009, Wong Fu cranked out several shorts like Back to School with Far East Movement and David Choi and Hitting on Cathy. They created both David Choi’s first official music video “Won’t Even Start” and Sam Geunjin Kang’s first official music video”Red Light“. Somehow they pulled top YouTubers KevJumba, HappySlip, and David Choi to spill the beans on their Vlogging Secrets. In Michael Jackson’s passing, their music video Dance Like Michael Jackson with Far East Movement and Quest Crew got a second wind.

But it’s no one and done with Wong Fu Productions, they constantly promote the artists they work with. They voted for Quest Crew for America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3. They use music from David Choi, Far East Movement, George Shaw and others in their shorts like Up in Da Club and Poser!. When they were profiled on CNN, Wong Fu brought along fellow Asian American artists Far East Movement and David Choi along for the ride. (See Wong Fu Productions on CNN and Business Tips from Wong Fu Productions.

With all their productions, they even find time to squeeze in some entertaining vlogs of their own like giving Tips on a Plane. Even an environmental one, Wong Fu Productions goes green.

Well done in 2009 Wong Fu! We’re looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve in 2010 like the KevJumba series.

Wong Fu Productions 2009 review

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