Help fund Jane Lui’s next album


One of YouTube’s Top Unsigned Picks, Jane Lui, is looking for you to help fund her next album. Like many other artists, Jane is getting her fans involved in funding her upcoming project. She’s trying to raise $12k in 60 days. Anything over the $12k, she’ll contribute partial donations to Red Cross. There’s tons of perks available based on the amount you contribute (be an MC for one of her shows, karaoke with Jane, and more). So here’s some of the reasons why you should support her:

1. You like her music

2. Get fun stuff

3. It’s a happy album

4. Be a part of her dream

5. Help Haiti via Red Cross

Details on supporting her third album can be found here.

You can also pick up her previous albums on Jane Lui or at Amazon.

Help fund Jane Lui’s next album

Here’s a few other artists looking for support Nylon Pink, Odessa Chen, X’s and O’s movie, and Gary King’s film “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”.

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  1. Tim

    Don't forget Kina Grannis is releasing her first full album Stairwells independently on 2/23/2010. You can preorder online at All preorders made by Monday will be autographed by Kina! Preorders include a free download of the Bonus track "Make Me" (hear it on YouTube). Also download the first single "Valentine" FOR FREE at her website.

    Sorry if you've already posted about this elsewhere I just thought Kina should be mentioned here because she is AMAZING!!!!! 😀

  2. dorsaeng

    I am leaving for the night, only I just wanted to leave a comment here so I can remember to come back in the morning.

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