Ann Curry helps American in Japan reunite with family

Ann Curry helps American in Japan reunite with family
Over the weekend, Ann Curry arrived in Japan to cover the disaster from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. When she was in Japan, she got a tweet from Megan Walsh looking for her sister and former English teacher in Japan Canon Purdy. (see the tweet here)

@AnnCurry thanks for following me please visit schools to find canon

Ann Curry responded back

@wednesdaywalsh the link won’t open for me here. If you could dm me details, I will do my best.

Although the link to 2011 Japan Earthquake people finder didn’t work for Ann Curry, she still got a photo from Walsh and head to the Japanese village of Minamisanriku, where the tsunami has caused 10,000 of its 17,000 residents to be missing. Amazingly, Ann Curry found Purdy along with two other American teachers at a refugee center. Within minutes, Purdy used Curry’s phone to call her frantic family in San Francisco. “I’m totally OK,” she told her sister. “It was a great relief,” Purdy told TODAY’s Matt Lauer. With no cell phone service after the tsunami and no hope of getting any “any time soon,” Purdy knew that there was no chance that she could reach her loved ones back in the United States to let them know that she had survived. “I had to tuck it away, and hope for the best,” she said. “And hope that they weren’t too worried, and try and do what I could here.”

After the reunion, Megan Walsh tweeted out


Although this story has a happy ending, many people are still trying to locate friends and family. With both power and telecom interruptions, it’s still difficult for families to find one another. Continue to pray for the people in Japan.

Ann Curry helps American in Japan reunite with family

3 thoughts on “Ann Curry helps American in Japan reunite with family

  1. Gus Schwarz

    I can think of no better person to represent the US anywhere in the world than Ann Curry. She personifies all the qualities we as Americans want the world to see. I have seen Ann in what seems, all the world’s disasters and she has yet to display anything but the caring qualities expected of all humans. She is a credit to all Americans, her profession and in the eyes of her God.

  2. Connie

    I think this is awesome! Ann has a wonderfully big heart to help these sisters. It is nice to see SOMETHING…ANYTHING…good come out of this region. My heart goes out to those many people trying to find loved ones. May GOD be with them in this time of need. And bless ALL those who are trying to help.

  3. Rachel Robles

    Thank God for Ann, and Thank God for Megan. Canon has a HUGE heart, so as her friend it doesn’t surprise me in the least that she wants to stay and help. After 4 days of pure hell I’m so happy to find that she’s safe…. and now we family and friends of Canon can sleep easy. Yet my heart breaks and I pray for everyone that has yet to hear from loved ones.

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