Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

The Jubilee Project released their latest video “Why I Sing“. They produced this video to raise awareness and money for HepB Free with the help of the band “Rooftop Pursuit”. Hepatitis B affects 1 in 10 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Influenced by Korean Dramas, the music video is about love’s inevitable let downs. Relationships don’t always have a fairytale ending. It’s also a story about love that is unconditional; despite the bitter realities it faces, love is patient, love is kind, and love always perseveres.

The Jubliee Project offers three ways to help fight Hepatitis B:

1. Spread the love. Every time this video is viewed in the month of April, sponsors will each donate a penny to the organization.
2. Become a sponsor by emailing project.jubilee@gmail.com and pledge to donate 1 penny per view in the month of April (remember, you can cap your donation).
3. Download the song for a donation of your choice below:

Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

Behind the scenes Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

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