Heartstrings by Clara C

Heartstrings by Clara C

Singer Clara C released her latest music video “Heartstrings” featuring an intergalactic relationship with singer Joseph Vincent. Talk about a long distance relationship. How far would you go for love? See who tries harder Clara C or Joseph Vincent. You can get the song on Heartstrings - The Art in My Heart or amazon. If you can’t afford it, Clara is giving away the single when you sign up here. This track is off her album The Art in My Heart.

The Heartstrings music video was directed by Erik Lu of Descendant Films (The Introduction by Decipher) and shot by Daniel Zhao (who also shot Teach Me How To Dougie and directed Far East Movement’s Fetish and Lowridin’). Randy Little and Matthew Weng (who has worked on projects such as the Green lantern and Iron Man) were the head of visual effects for the music video.

Also see Clara C’s music video for her song Offbeat.

Heartstrings by Clara C

Lyrics to Heartstrings by Clara C

Hey baby, it’s easy
to believe in you and me
The smiling, the laughing
It’s comin’ so easily

It’s a funny thing, this love thing
It only falls into my arms
When I’m not looking for it at all

Hey baby, you’re doing
All the things that make me
Sing sing sing sing sing sing
Untying these heartstrings
That I’ve been triple knotting

I wanna take it slow and that’s okay with you
See I’m finished making the same old mistakes
I won’t let us fall

You put a smile
You put a smile on my heart
You put a smile
You put a smile on my heart
They’re coming all undone
My heartstrings

Hey darling, see these wings?
They’re not clipped anymore
I’m singing and shaking off
My silence with this voice

It’s a funny thing, this love thing
You’re always on the
Same page, same line, same letter
We’re gonna go far

Gonna do this right
With you by my side
And if I fall I’m safe, I know
Safe in your arms
In your arms

Hey baby, it’s easy to believe in you and me

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