The Good Life by Lil Crazed x The K.i.D Team

The Good Life by The K.i.D Team

Lil Crazed and his K.i.D Team released the music video for “The Good Life” off Lil Crazed’s Chapter 3: Liberation mixtape. Each member takes a turn on the track. Listen to Lil Crazed, Block, Ace, Dee, Ben Jamz , Skip, DJ Sin, Trixx, and Phlip tell you why they’ve got the good life. Block sleeps with a doll! Ace fishes in a backyard! Dee’s on a girl’s bike! Ben Jamz is an ice cream man! Skip goes planking! Trixx dunks on DJ Sin! Phlip rapping upside down! Lil Crazed chillin on with his cowboy hat.

Previously, Lil Crazed gave a peek of the Chapter 3: Liberation mixtape with Drop.

The Good Life by Lil Crazed x The K.i.D Team (contains profanity)

Lyrics to The Good Life by Lil Crazed x The K.i.D Team

Music is my life ill forever show devotion
The only time I pipe down is when I’m finished smokin
Open the window this whip all hot boxed
Go and grab some beers and hopefully we got shots
Chillin grillin out and I’m catching on a buzz
From the brew and marijuana I’m thinking sharper on the drugs
But yo the cleverest minds can still get better with time
N now I’m drunk n I’m high like dipping feathers in wine

welcome to the good life, champagne sippin,
give a fucc what u heard its a damn good feeling.
to see the fans put their hands to the ceiling.
this life bananas boy,
no peelin.
thank you alexander ou for puttin me on,
phil jaccson in this bitch, he put the team on.
reppin KID but baby we so grown,
heard all around the world,
internationally known.

This the good life, you’d do the same if you could,
Good dranks, good smoke, the whole team good,
You can try n take is down man i wish that you would
Kid over all get that shit understood,
And that hype before the stage ain’t damn feeling higher,
words can’t explain all the love we aquire
Used have a hard time get in cuz
of the attire
Now kid the main event on ya damn flyer

Ben Jamz:
Yea we livinn goooood, the music better
They wonder y I keep cheesin cuz I see this chedda
Foreign champagne standin on these couches screamin
Hand on the snooze button cuz we livin wat we dreamin
So Useto tha hate different fishes in the ocean but she wanna swim w/ tha greats, take weekly trips to the lakes aint trippin bout a damn thing less u talkin bout the luggage on a plane, fly

Lil Crazed:
Fresh bottle of corona, probably chillin with the owner, see we do what we wanna,
That’s the life that I live now,
Kid from minnesota, got his ass up off the sofa, now he’s signing all these posters,
That’s the hype that he’s in now,
Beautiful lady but I don’t need to make my way toward her,
Girls of all of colors get drawn, crayola
We live the good life now, aint no goin back,
And since we getting BREAD, let’s make a TOAST to that

lifes too good, once its amazing
you think you go handicap, cus we a special occasion
when ya heading to the top, problems seem to decrease
see i drink, till i sink, in a lake of missing memories
toast to the family, serving bottles to us
in the club getting love, cupid always shooting drunks
like a Phoenix father Im balling for my son
catch me in the action, as a actor i stunt

DJ Sin:
We shoot the breeze ’til it bleeds
at the show even the police killin’ weeds
the goodlife, shotgun riding
having more fun in the car than the club bout to pop one driving
and my chick got spaghetti hair
everyday new years cruisin’ through confetti air
blowin’ tumble weeds sweet like bubble tea
lifes my lovely bitch I enjoy the subtleties

tell the waitress bring on the rain,
K I D up in this bitch we aint runnin no train
never will i sell my soul for some quick change
while others rush switchin lanes to quick fame
this paper comin up now on the next right
if we all dont eat, i rather pay the price of life
than to be in debt with stressed out nights
even tho i want it all, i choose not to sacrifice

We live the good life and I rep my team kid,
Getting bitches while we sippin bak on hennessy
In the club we got that bottle service poppin,
Got no breaks to this ride so the team is never stoppin, uh
I’m rollin blunts and getting high, phlip is high on life,
I fuck with mary j baby she my only wife,
If this the runway strip then everyday we c take flight,
Man Fuck the good life cuz we live the great life

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