For You EP by Viennie V

For You EP by Viennie V gives you the exclusive scoop on Viennie V’s upcoming For You EP.

VIENNIE V, a local to the Los Angeles area, embodies a sweet and sultry sound showcased in her latest release – her strongest piece of work to date. The captivating 5-track EP features VIENNIE V’s powerful vocals paired with edgy dance beats.

For You opens with enchanting and upbeat lead single “For You.” The title track is followed by contemporary new tracks “Could This Be Love,” “Remember Me,” and “I’ll Hold My Breath.” The EP is rounded out by a bass-pounding remixed version of “For You.”

Lead single “For You” has garnered national airplay on top music stations including Sirius XM, San Francisco’s 92.7 REV and Las Vegas’s 104.3 Now. At the release of this announcement, the single is #52 on the Mediabase Top 40 Chart, a nationally recognized music industry service that monitors radio play on major stations.

With the success of “For You,” VIENNIE V has established herself as one of the music industry’s newest pop stars on the rise. You can get the song on For You - For You - Single or amazon.

“My latest work was created with all my fans in mind. Love is a common theme that everyone can relate to, so I wrote these songs based on my own experiences as well as on the experiences of others. I put my heart in to creating this album, so I hope you enjoy this EP that I made For You!” – VIENNIE V

Look for the release date for pop artist VIENNIE V’s For You EP on May 1, 2012. While you wait for the new EP, listen to more Viennie V: (Gonna Party) All Night Long , Thinking of You, For You and Nightmare or Dream.

For You music video by Viennie V

Lyrics to For You by Viennie V

I’m aiming with my loaded gun
I’m searching for the perfect one
I’m finding me a love that’s right
before the night is over.

I’m chasing down a pure heart
I’m calling out to where you are
I’m sending out a single flare
I feel you getting closer … closer.

I would move the world for you
If you ever asked me to
Circle ’round the sun and moon
I would move the world for you, for you.
For you, for you, for you.

Boys they tell there silly lies
And girls they get so teary eyed
I swear I’d thought of giving up
the dream of love forever.

Sayonara to the cheats and fakes
Cause tonight I’m gonna raise the stakes
I’m wishing on a falling star
to draw our hearts together … together.

[CHORUS 1: X2]
For you.
Hmmm, yeah.

Its like I’ve got a second wind that’s kicking in
I’m braver than I’ve ever been
If what I feel is finally real
then I know


I would move the world for you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Race across the midnight blue
I would move the world for you


For you.
For you.

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