Friend or Foe by J.Reyez

Friend or Foe by J.Reyez

Rapper J.Reyez dropped the single “Friend or Foe”, which talks about a break up of a friendship. Life as an entertainer can change your relationship with friends negatively. Your friend’s actions like backstabbing and trash talking behind your back can destroy the trust you once had. With new people you meet, you can’t tell if they will friends or foes, especially the haters. Is it better to not have friends or struggle with trust issues? You can get the track on Friend or Foe - Friend or Foe - Single.

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Friend or Foe by J.Reyez (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Friend or Foe by J.Reyez

(verse 1)
I never meant to but every person I meet, I’m resentful
the way you carry yourself, it represents you
I apologize in advance if I offend you
I hope you understand that I have nothing against you
never intend to, just blame it on emotions
my life is so eventful but I hate it if you noticed
it’s one of those times and I need to get over it
drink it away ’til I forgot what sober is
y’all wanna be famous? and we all wanna be greater
but let me explain it, the life of an entertainer
coming from being no one, to having a bunch of haters
everyone wanna be friends but to you, they’re just strangers
if only y’all could see the disguise
it would be so great if we could see through the lies
if only y’all could really see through my eyes
every shady person I hope karma eats you alive

I don’t really know you and you don’t really know me
listen, we’re not friends so don’t call me your homie
I’m doing good, my life’s better without you
and I don’t really give a f*ckin’ damn about you

(verse 2)
you ever have one of those friends that you put all of your trust in
only a couple years or someone that you grew up with
and then they backstab you, acting like that sh*t was nothing
like they never really had you and then you feel disgusted
for even being friends with, someone who was pretending
anytime they needed help, your hand was there to lend it
no detection, feeling stupid to not ever suspect it
well they did a f*ckin’ good job of trickin’ just to blend in
one day they’re your bestfriend and then they’re gone in seconds
to feel a little better, tell yourself you learned a lesson
but that shit affected your life, the way you view it
listening to that music, them songs help you through it
this life is fuckin’ sinful, wishin it be more simple
now your future’s got a wall, built up with trust issues
then you realize when you’re alone, it really hits you
you got no real friends, and nobody there to miss you

I don’t fuckin’ know you and you don’t fuckin’ know me
listen, we’re not friends so don’t call me your homie
I’m doing good, my life’s better without you
and I don’t really give a fuckin’ damn about you

(verse 3)
the people that you meet, they all acting like they know you
like they got it figured out, but don’t know the shit we go through
I’m just a regular person, and everyday I’m working
it’s like a fuckin’ curse and they assume when I’m conversing
thinking I probably think I’m the shit and I’m too cocky
one simple little slip and they go and they name drop me
saying the fame got me, really you’re full of ignorance
you don’t fuckin’ know me, and are you really listening
to the shit you saying? sound like you really hating
like you know the facts and acting like you made a fuckin’ statement
these haters aren’t educated, just mind ya own business
you got your own life so go out and fucking live it
stop paying attention to the negatives about us
like does it really please you? and do you really doubt us?
it’s nothing to be proud of, I need some of that positive
I’m trying to do good effect lives and be causative

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