Grace by Jason Chu

Grace by Jason Chu

Rapper/preacher Jason Chu released the music video for his song “Grace” off his “Much Love” album. The single is dedicated to all the parents who made a new life in a new land with a touching tale about a girl named Grace. Although parents have good intentions for their children, kids might suffer bullying from other kids and isolation from their parents as they grow up. In the video, these struggles cause Grace to fall into a downward spiral until she gets an epiphany. When she realizes that God cares for her, she begins to turn her life completely around starting with her attitude.

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Grace by Jason Chu

Lyrics to Grace by Jason Chu

She was born to two parents, immigrants with little left
Left a war-torn country full of suffering and death
Mom and dad working so hard to pay the bills and pay the rent
Barely even spoke the language so at night they went to class
Living in a small apartment in a bad part of the town
Mom got mugged outside their door, the criminals were never found
They slaved away because they saw the promise in tomorrow
Hope the generation after would grow up without the sorrow
It’s finally the time, their child won’t wait any longer
.Rushing to the clinic in a car they had to borrow
Labor lasts all night, they’ve been laboring all their lives
Dad and mom are their new names, not only husband and wife
Now she lies there in their arms, new life and they’re amazed
And the nurse asks for a name – they’ve prepared for this for days
Because her name provides a clue to all the stories on her page
It was Grace

When you’re bleeding, when you need it
When you fear you’re alone
I’ll be there to wipe the tears off
I’ll be there to guide you home
Just call it grace (oh)
Just call my name (oh)

Now Grace is growing up, as the years are flowing past
Mom and dad can’t believe, it all happened very fast
One second she’s a toddler, the next second in class
Now she’s in the high school, college could be coming next
But there’s been some other changes in the years that came between
Dad is working so hard, he’s the one she barely sees
Comin in at midnight after he closes up the store
Some weeks she only knows he’s there because she hears the door
So her life at home is tense, she’s been fighting with her mom
Who always says that she’s ungrateful, doesn’t get what’s going on
She says your dad and I worked so hard, you do us wrong
When you whine about a car or a new dress to wear to prom
But she just wants to fit in – and kids can be so cruel
All her clothes are wearing out, they make fun of her at school
And she lies awake at night crying for anyone to hear
Then she falls asleep in bed and hears a whisper in her ears, saying

Mom and dad separated, said that it was for the best
She just shrugged, but inside she could feel it in her chest
And I wanted to help out, but she insisted she was fine
And I knew she knew I knew the words were nothing but a lie
All her time she spent searching for the dreams she had that died
All the things she wanted to believe but didn’t dare to try
I could see it weigh her down, I just wanted her to fly
But her eyes were on the ground, never looking to the sky
She was searching for support, and she gave everything a try
Dated guys who weren’t good to her and started getting high
Her body was alive, but her soul barely survived
Then one day in her room, she heard a deeper voice inside
That said – Grace, you aren’t alone, in fact, I’ve never left your side
Been with you every moment, every second you’ve been mine
I’ll never leave you, more than that, your future has a plan
Because every child has meaning that was shaped by my hand
So my sister switched her major and the plans for her career
No more mourning for the past, she started caring for her peers
And the poor know her by the name our parents gave to her
It was Grace

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