Faded by D-Pryde

 Faded by D-Pryde

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Man I woke up in a different state, got my family back home on a computer screen
Big debates while nibbling steak man I’m living great, but what the hell are all these lavish things doing to me
Ego tripping please don’t listen I might brag a lot, I said I won’t change but got hit with that aftershock
…Sometimes I take it all for granted right? But all the things you buy don’t exist in that afterlife
Right? You take the chain or do you take a house, girl is you giving head or we just making out?
Am I ton’ play you? Will I call you back? Will I obey my mama’s rules or will I be my dad?
Man I’m losing myself, a’int shaved in 2 weeks, Jesus beard in the mirror I’m asking who’s me
Trying to focus on this dream that I’m pursuing but the things I’ve been obtaining drive me loonie
Man you used to be here late, you want to go home? You used to kick that ill ish that made us go “oh”
But now your ego got you thinking a little dolo, you ask me who I am my answer is I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know

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Life done changed from that mull
Life done changed from my name
Life done changed from these b*tches
Life done changed from this fame
Life done changed from that ego
Life done changed from them fans
Another day another bother when you living like the man uh

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When I saw that ace bottle I was blinded, not only did that bottle pop my mind did
I noticed when I drank it I could hear better, that music blasting, b*tches dancing had me peer pressured
This is high school again, money will buy you girls it’ll buy you some friends
Money will buy you rides, CL 65 oh that Benz, money gets you what, where, why, who, and when
This a’int the child my mother raised, fights in my head every night to switch up my life but nothing’s changed
Lifestyles of the young and paid, cash the check and blow it all away, now all my homies concerned in my face like
Man you used to be here late, you want to go home? You used to kick that ill ish that made us go “oh”
But now you got your ego thinking a little dolo, you ask me who I am my answers still I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know

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