Vote for the 2010 ISA Breakout Performers

Vote for the 2010 ISA Breakout Performer

Votes are being tallied for the 2010 ISA Breakout Performer Contest. With only a few more days before the contest closes, here’s the current breakdown on the top 10 finalists ranked by votes:

1. Sam Ock (he’s got original music & did collabos with dumbfoundead and Kero One)
2. Alex Shiau and Vivian Chen (reminds us of a young Magnetic North)
3. Esna Yoon (she’s done collabos with dumbfoundead and Kero One)
4. Worldismarble (talented singer with over 7k Youtube subscribers)
5. GTFO aka Benjamin Du, Sheng Poon, Vi Viet, & Willie Wang (dance crew with great skills and a sense of humor)
6. Megan Lee (up and coming keep and eye out for her. She was part of the APCF campaign)
7. Marlon Eric Lima (fuses spoken word with bboy skills)
8. Andy Ng (rapper skilled with speed)
9. Evan Lian (he can play instruments and sing)

10. Rachel Park (she’s got a melodic voice with guitar skills)

We’re very shocked that Esna Yoon is ranked so low with Michelle Phan in the video too. Esna Yoon has made a sharp rise in the past few days. The Top two contenders are Sam Ock and the duo of Alex Shiau & Vivian Chen. Best of luck to all the people in contention. Remember views don’t count. Only votes the site here do. Voting ends August 18, 2010.

BTW – don’t forget to get your tickets for International Secret Agents 2010 in LA and NY

Top Ten 2010 ISA Breakout Performers

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