ISA NY 2010 Concert Review

ISA NY 2010 Concert Review

Lan - Worldismarble at ISA NY 2010 Concert

The 2010 International Secret Agents (ISA) NY concert was a truly unforgettable night as over 1,000 fans filled Webster Hall excited for their favorite Asian American stars. The event  started off with the 2010 ISA Breakout Performer Winner, Lan aka World is Marble playing a Chinese harp and then singing her awesome song, “Don’t Say Who You Are.” Afterwards David Garibaldi, an incredible David Garibaldi at 2010 New York International Secret Agents Concert performance painter highlighted the evening by performing live paintings of musical icons on stage! Crafted completely from scratch, pictures of himself, Jay-Z, and Lady Gaga appeared on stage within minutes.Lydia Paek, known for her smooth soul and cool swag commanded the stage with a medley of some of our favorite pop songs and an ISA Lydia Paek at 2010 International Secret Agents Concertexclusive that she has never performed or uploaded on youtube before about the intimate feeling of love. Jennifer Chung returning from Paris also serenaded the audience with her beautiful original, “The Way You Do.” Hosts Ryan Higa and Kevin Wu reenacted their plight to become B.E.S.T. CREW as they dressed up in vibrant bumblebee colors only to have Quest Crew show them who’s boss! Integrating new and old routines,Quest Crew is definitely the dance crew to see live! Quest Crew at ISA NY 2010 ConcertDavid Choi further warmed the hearts of everyone at the concert singing three of his hit songs, “Won’t Even Start”,  “ By My Side”, and “That Girl.”Wong Fu Productions showed “The Allergy,” a brief short for the American Cancer Society Phil Wang & David Choiabout smoking. Wong Fu Productions also showed us a sneak preview of a special project with Ryan Higa that seems super 007! Much to our surprise, Phil, Kevin, and David performed “Dance to This Song” on stage for the first time ever!  Needless to say, the crowd went wild! Ted Fu also stirred up the audience by proposing to his girlfriend, Caty of 3.5 years on stage!  Finally, Far East Movement ended the night with an awesome mix of “Millionaire” , “Fetish”, “Like a G6” , “Go Ape” and another ISA exclusive song “Rocketeer” from their new album Free Wired with Ryan Tedder of One Republic. Far East Movement Performance at 201 ISA NY Concert

Look for the 2010 ISA LA Concert to go down tonite. has more videos coming soon with backstage interviews. Take a look at some of what’s in store below. We’ll try to get them up as quickly as we can. From the looks of things, International Secret Agents needs to make more trips out to New York.

Here’s a video of 2010 ISA NY highlights

Some ISA NY 2010 Interview Pictures. Look for videos coming soon!





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