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K.i.D Cypher Round 10

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source link buy lioresal uk the broad implications of this technology reflect a logical paradigm shift in critical emergency room and Lil Crazed and the K.i.D. team returns with a new cypher. K.i.D Cypher Round 10 features Lil Crazed, Trixx, DJ Sin, Skip, and Block along with special guests Mike Kalombo and Nikko Dator. Nikko bringing some tight lyrics on the cypher with people comparing him to Tyga from Young Money.

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| FREE SHIPPING 🔥 |. Lowest Prices click here ,No side effects. Check More » Lyrics to K.i.D Cypher Round 10 on them to the exclusion of triumphs betrays a iniquitous and banal mode of thinking that runs counter onde comprar (Mike Kalombo)
I love the black and whites, piano keys
who produced this beat, its a klassic piece
You can call me Mr Mac, Virus Free
Definition Haters dont bother me
I cant see the finish line, ooo i passed it
Dont mean to brag, he’s such a bastard
Everything i do man i just do it cause i feel like it
You want some beef have it, you want some cheese get it.
Im that workaholic yea straight from the A Town
Africa it is Shaka Zulu in this (beep) now
Democratic Republic of Congo thats my hometown
Wish a nikka would, got them spears in the basement
Klassmates wassup, Lifers wassup
G14, thats the site
K.I.D wassup, Meredith Wassup
Kamotion Ent, Lamar T wassup

Buy Asacol Hd buy asacol game buy asacol enema buy asacol flash Title: Buy Asacol Hd - retail cost of asacol Created Date: 3/17 (Trixx)
a problem in my city but i dont give a fucc
yu chase the doe while im huntin for them bigger buccs
better lucc see me i gotta look up
yu tryna stack paper my library been booked up
now im ready for you to bring that drama
makin careers pause like a dot over a coma(;)
bad ass k i d battle me i am MUFASA
ill leave you burnt, tired n worn like yokohama (tires)
im the leader of this one man army
x these haters if they try to under arm (underarmor) me
wanna bees me but i never let them swarm me
my roots go deep that no one could ever farm me
word play im known to bring trouble
my punchlines come equipped with brass knuckles
i dont gotta sell drugs for me to hustle
my team jumpman fly and you just lacc the calf muscle

back to the booth, i’m back on, punking on dudes, like ashton
infinite MINUTES with them BARS while ya’ll just spar with tracfones
don’t you see my mp3’s stay similar to your MTV’s,
cuz come on, when it’s on, it’s always on with sweet 16’s
fountain of youth, why you doubting the truth,
even Dracula wouldn’t COUNT on you,
just check my booth, my sound is proof, (soundproof)
that soon i’ll be that dude you pay homage to,
so haters let it go, you’ll never be identical,
no type of BASIC (base) flow but yet I’m still greeted as GENERAL
bad to bone, with an axe and a throne, every track that I’m on,
gets axed and its gone, half you at home, won’t actually condone,
but i don’t give a SHIT, i’m an ASS to the (W)HOLE,
so i pass all you foes, when i pack all my clothes,
fly half of the globe, while your ass is at your home,
and your girl most love GRAFFITI cuz you see she seem to be TAGGING along,
middle finger to the haters cuz my viewers thumbs up,
cuz to them, it’s apparent (a parent) that i shine like a sun (son) does,
it’s K.i.D buddy but i don’t need a babysitter,
cuz if i had one, man i’d probably make a baby with her

(DJ Sin)
Yall wanna know why They hate Crazed? maybe cuz they aint great.
We play the field like “Say Hey” Mays. KID’s givin out the tests they cant make grade
TheyÕre not real: Loch Ness monster, SinÕs off his rocker I only trust music I must prove that I Nike shit I “just do it”
cuz I know IÕm better than more than two Wacka Flockas
going hard in the p-p-paint like: boomshakalocka
back when the American Pie guy would tube sock his cock up
I was twelve years old sky high off two shots of vodka
I had never read a book but I had studied the law
and had neva left the states but I had studied abroad
now itÕs hello Corporate world IÕm an entrepreneur, baby
I Never gave a shit now IÕm the maneur crazy
How I can hang with anyone this small town city slicker
came From a place where we can all down shitty liquor
but IÕm getting’ depressed tryin to get in the press IÕm dreaming
realityÕs coming (cumming) thatÕs how lifeÕs seeming (semen)

Look this is k.i.d but you already know wussup
where the crowd put they hands up, looking like a mothafuccin ryu uppercut
if its about location, then let you put you in your place
oh and haters really do know shit, hence the phrase shit for brains
never been phonie, if you really know me
your fantasy is just one of our stories
good cop, bad cop, fuck there pride and glory
even tho i thought it was a pretty good movie
yeah, catch a lean when i walk
ya squares needa start thinking outside the box
life is a shock, surprise all around
so ya gotta live it up, before it dies down
so son, prepare to be outshined or
forget everything, like alzheimers
so in time, taking a second of these rhymes
if you really wanna hear the better minutes in your life
yeah, about to take flight, to a world where there haters
gets good byes, to a world where the lovers want good nights
wait, thats just K.I.D. Live !
bow chicka wow woahhh
yaa alreadyy knoww
but if you don’t thoo don’t thoo its
skippy skizzo kid dizzo or get mario jumped hoe

one thing i can guarantee is if you dumb fucks ain’t scared of me
i know cherokees that’ll tear ya knees like washington did cherry trees
and bury thee now were fairy free and straight to the top they’ll carry me
so its fair to see that i’m king of the hill son (hilson) keri free
i’m fine no remorse break ya spine with a force now you’re crying of course lying on floors
and i’m thriving and more so climbing on board to a time where corona and lime was endorsed
crimes are enforced cuz my mind is a Porsche so fuck if you say blocks a rookie
i do like how bond got the nookie four bitches eights legs call it octopussy
my mindstate rose the crime rate cuz its so mothafuckin irate
now i’m hate-d by two countries ninety eight cities and five states
why wait for lies take em throw em in a dry lake
they’re useless you can’t do this cuz bitch you ain’t frank lucas
Half man half beast yeah i killed Anubis
Its K.i.D. bitch come and catch me where the tomb is
the shits dead its a wrap call it mummification
breathe smoke and spit fire like the son of ya satan BITCH

(Nikko Dator)
Swag God got ya’ bitches acting intimate
Hand ’em all a shovel ’cause I swear this bitches diggin’ me
Fuck what you heard, boy you should put a dick in it
I’m sick of this, I ball like I pretty much invented it
Lo Vis capo, side head honcho
Bang like congos, damn what a combo
Catch me in the Lambo w/ Mikey Kalombo
& Lil Crazed said he got hoes in the condo
Watch me put it down now, you gon touch the ground OW
You gon hear me EVERYWHERE; boy my shit surround sound
Hurt ’em, murk ’em, fuck ’em if they virgins
& Watch me block ya’ shine like blinds do w/ the curtains
Can you hear me? I’m speaking through the megaphone
None of you are saying shit; All I hear is reggae tone
Wife snatcher, you’ll prolly see her after
While I have these other rappers sound annoying like baby moans

NBC’s America’s Next Great Restaurant – Asian American edition

Tran Can Cook on NBC's America's Next Great Restaurant Stephanie Park on NBC's America's Next Great Restaurant

From Emmy Award-winning producers of “Top Chef” and “Project Runway” comes “America’s Next Great Restaurant.” In this delectable new alternative series, people from every walk of life will vie for the opportunity of a lifetime to see their original restaurant concept spring to life – starting with the opening of a restaurant chain in three locations — Hollywood, Minneapolis and New York City. Funding the restaurant concepts are four accredited investors: Bobby Flay, distinguished restaurateur (“Iron Chef America: The Series,” “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay”); Curtis Stone, internationally renowned chef (NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” “Take Home Chef”); Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle; and Lorena Garcia, executive chef and restaurateur. They not only serve as investors who put their money into the winning restaurant idea, but they also serve as mentors. They will be working side by side with the competitors to further develop their concepts and put each competitor’s restaurant concept through rigorous business and cooking challenges to determine which idea has what it takes to become America’s next great restaurant.

After a nationwide search, the top 21 competitors will present their restaurant concepts to the investors and 11 will be quickly eliminated — leaving the top ten competitors to battle it out over the course of the season. The investors will determine which competitor’s concept has the greatest potential for success, and those who do not rise to the challenge will be sent home. In the final episode, someone will fully savor his/her great American dream of launching his/her own restaurant chain, and viewers will have the opportunity to experience it for themselves. Among the competitors are Kevin Tran & Viet Tran from Tran Can Cook and Stephanie Park.

Tune in this Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 8/7c for the premiere episode.

Tran Can Cook talks NBC’s America’s Next Great Restaurant

Open Your Eyes by Norwegian Recycling

Open Your Eyes by Norwegian Recycling

Mashup artist Norwegian Recycling unveiled his latest creation “Open Your Eyes.” Built from 11 pop songs, his mashup features new as well as older songs. He uses Katy Perry’s Firework as the instrumental-track, while blending up a lyrical love theme. If you liked Norwegian Recycling’s earlier mashups Miracles and Mash It Up, you’ll love this one. Here’s the list of tracks used in this incredible piece:

1. Katy Perry – Firework
2. Flo Rida feat. Akon – Who Dat Girl
3. Black Eyed Peas – The Time
4. Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes
5. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
6. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
7. Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say
8. Usher feat. – OMG
9. Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E. – The Way I Are
10. Jay Sean – Do You Remember
11. David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi – Memories

You can also download the track FREE here.

Open Your Eyes by Norwegian Recycling

BANANA 2 – Pop Culture Panel

BANANA 2 - Pop Culture Panel

Over the weekend, had a chance to be a part of BANANA 2, an Asian American blogger conference. The “Blogging and Pop Culture” panel featured speakers Zero Kazama (MTV’s Silent Library), Jane Lui ( Steve Nguyen (channelAPA) and moderator Kevin Hsieh (channelAPA). We examine how our respective industries have created significant shifts in how weteract with our fans in order to promote our projects. This panel focused on the evolution of social media and how it has radically changed the way artists distribute content, obtain funding, and build their brands.

Be sure to get the latest on the panelists projects:
Jane LuiGoodnight Company album
Zero KazamaFreezer Burn short film
Steve Nguyen – Hibakusha animated short film

For more panels from BANANA 2, go here.

BANANA 2 – Pop Culture Panel

Thanks to HoChie from for the picture.

Little Black Book by Gabe Bondoc

Little Black Book by Gabe Bondoc

Gabe Bondoc dropped a new original song “Little Black Book”. It’s a song about a man who found his catalyst to dump the little black book and go after the girl of his dreams. With the right timing and the right chemistry, anyone has the ability to change.

Listen to more Gabe Bondoc originals like Now I Know and You’re It.

Little Black Book by Gabe Bondoc

Lyrics to Little Black Book by Gabe Bondoc

I had a small black book
but I threw it away
when you told me your name
I gotta keep you babe

I’ll call quits
With all them other chicks
You’ve got me wondering
Maybe there could be more to this

This is the first time I’ve ever felt
All of the feelings that I’m feeling now
I wanna know if we
Can make this happen baby, cuz’ you got me

I wanna make this real
Somehow you make me feel
Like you’re the only girl in the world

I gotta make you see
How beautiful it’d be
If we could make this happen baby

I’ll be prince charming
If you’ll be mine, darlin’
And you’ll be my only
Will you be my only girl?

You’re so fine
Better yet let me say
That I find you divine
I’ve got to keep you mine

I lose sleep
But I’m dreaming constantly
You’ve got me day dreaming conciously
Honestly, I believe..

This is the first time I’ve ever felt
Whatever feeling that I’m feeling now
I wanna know if we
Can make this happen baby, cuz’ you got me

I wanna make this real
Somehow you make me feel
Like you’re the only girl in the world

I gotta make you see
How beautiful it’d be
If we could make this happen baby

I’ll be prince charming
If you’ll be mine, darlin’
And you’ll be my only
Will you be my only girl?

This, this isn’t a drill
I can’t keep still
This love is real
Now, all of that time I spent without you baby
Well, that all ends here
If you’ll let that end here
I wanna, I’ve just got to know if we
Can make this happen baby, cuz’ you got me