Cinemetropolis album by Blue Scholars

Cinemetropolis album by Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars hasn’t released an album since 2007, but these guys are back with their third full-length studio album, Cinemetropolis. A few months back sign a deal with the people by asking them to fund their new album. They skipped the record deal route and took it to the fans. They believe the power of word-of-mouth far more than industry-induced hype, recognizing that it’s been the support of their fans that got them where they are today. During the fundraising process, they asked for $25,000. What they got back in return from the fans was over $60,000. That’s some major word of mouth and fan support.

Blue Scholars has now finished the 15 track Cinemetropolis album. Cinema has always played a major influence in their music, and this collection of songs is the most complete expression of that source of inspiration. During the creation of this collection of songs, an idea emerged: how does music influence cinema? Cinemetropolis will be both an album and a collection of films inspired by the music. A sort of reverse movie soundtrack. With this project, each song, through collaborations with an array of filmmakers, will take on a life its own. They got a gang of music videos, short films and multimedia projects in the works, anchored by a featurette directed by longtime Blue Scholars collaborator Zia Mohajerjasbi.

Look for Cinemetropolis to drop in June 14, 2011, followed by a Fall tour and the first wave of video projects. The music has already made its way online. Support them when the album comes out.

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Update: You can get Cinemetropolis on Cinemetropolis - Blue Scholars or amazon.

Cinemetropolis album by Blue Scholars

Track listing for Cinemetropolis album by Blue Scholars
01. Cinemetropolis
02. Hussein
03. Fou Lee
04. Lalo Schifrin
05. Seijun Suzuki
06. Anna Karina
07. Marion Sunshine
08. Slick Watts
09. George Jackson
10. Oskar Barnack GeP Oscar Grant
11. Yuri Kochiyama
12. Rani Mukerji
13. Tommy Chong
14. Chief Sealth
15. Fin

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