Power Trip Remix by The Fung Brothers x Priska

Power Trip Remix (MUSIC VIDEO) by The Fung Brothers x Priska

The Fung Brothers are at it again with a new music video, putting their own spin on J. Cole and Miguel’s Power Trip with Priska (Priscilla Liang). ┬áTaking you down the streets of Los Angeles, Andrew and David rap personally about their respective longtime crushes. Look out for a cameo by Jessika Van (MTV’s Awkward and the feature film BANG BANG).

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Power Trip Remix by The Fung Brothers x Priska

Lyrics to Power Trip Remix by Fung Brothers feat. Priska

It’s 4am on a Saturday, still awake
Checking ya Facebook page, listening to drake
Thinking, I can’t wait to see you during winter break
Just hopin you dont got a man and I’m too late
Because college aint really quite college
when the hometown girl is where ya heart is
And when i go to parties, I’m feeling kind of lost
Not really interested in girl trying to talk
Damn…So what the hell am I paying tuition for?
If every day on campus I just miss you more…
They tell me dont settle I should go off and explore
Cuz opportunity can knock all over these doors
It’s probably cuz im a silly little freshmen
I can barely finish this text message
I don’t get it, so I gotta grow up
Believe me when I say I don’t really know love

Well this has gotta be the longest crush ever
Used to be hurtin now I’m doin much better
But I can’t lie, think about you all the damn time
To the point that I can’t rhyme, feel me?
You liked bad boys but I was a good one
Douchebag frat boys, I was a good son
Guess I was a lil too nerdy, nerdy
You were a lil too purdy, purdy
Rims on my Civic too dirty dirty
They told me just wait until l I’m thirty thirty
So I can date a younger girl, k-pop wonder girl
Cropped tank top jean shorts in the summer girl
But I’m still on you, still on you
Even though I know I should chill on you
I know that its dumb needa to pull it together
But I think you’re a great one thats worth the effort

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