Stolen Dream by J.Reyez

Stolen Dream by J.Reyez

Rapper J.Reyez dropped the single “Stolen Dream” off his sophomore album “Stolen Riches”. While he’s chasing his dreams in a music career, J.Reyez contemplates on the alternative if he went to school. Reaching your goals aren’t always easy. You hit pitfalls and start to have doubts and negativity about everything from friend, family, and even your own girlfriend. How much can you take as you chase your dreams? J.Reyez dwells on these thoughts against his ambition of chasing his dreams. You can get the single on Dreams - Stolen Riches.

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Stolen Dream by J.Reyez

Lyrics to Stolen Dream by J.Reyez

a series of emotions, I’m coasting during my sleep
ability of posibilities, spurring my dreams
imagination and our thoughts, in a state of mind
who we are and who were not that’s characterized

I wanna fly with no feathers (just a dream)
I’m trying to be the greatest ever (just a dream)
living where I don’t hate the weather (just a dream)
I just wanna live better (f*ck a dream)

(verse 1)
I wish I had a dollar
I wish I finished school and I could’ve been a scholar
and my bank account starting to get a lil smaller
and my drank amount starting to sip a lil larger
pushing myself away from anyone trying to get close
I live broke so I’m hating on the rich folks
they look at me like a joke, is it hard to tell?
living every damn day, not too far from hell
and y’all can see a different side of me
that feeling like the whole world keep denying me
and the voices in my head that reside with me
I need to rejoice and get ahead if I decide to be
a better me, chasing after a bigger dream
the inner me, I need something to intervene
get in between the negative and the negative
think you’re so perfect then f*ck what perfection is

(verse 2)
are you a ho? or a b*tch? or a real woman?
you should know the difference, do you feel something?
if I could buy you nice things, would you stay foreal?
get out of debt, we eat good, and I paid the bills
I’m trying hard but I’m barred in this living condition
give me a fixture and support me with my same ambition
that I had since I met ya, down to the second
look in the mirror with a hope for a better reflection
where my family at? that’s when my fear grew
where my friends at? where they disappear to
only a handful of people that I would ride for
but would they do the same for me? only God knows
I haven’t lost hope, I didn’t give up yet
I ain’t mad at ya, no emotions to get upset
my friends, brother, sister, mother in a better home
that’s my living wish and everyday is a stepping stone

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