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There were many unexpected surprises in 2012 for Asians and Asian Americans in entertainment. We saw both tears of sadness and joy. Our hearts were broken in early 2012 with the story of Janet Liang as well as school yard bullying caught on tape. We witnessed global phenomenons from Jeremy Lin and PSY along with the long-awaited and often-feared K-Town Reality Show. Thanks to all the fans, followers, supporters, the people we interviewed and the people behind the scenes of Here’s a recap of the top videos for 2012 on our site.

Finding a Perfect Match for Janet Liang : Her Personal Plea
1. Finding a Perfect Match for Janet Liang : Her Personal Plea
Easily the most heartbreaking video of 2012 was Janet Liang’s personal plea to find a bone marrow donor match in her battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). The Asian American community came out to support her cause (White Frog cast PSA from Janet Liang and Asian Americans Helping Janet Liang). even had a chance to meet her in person at a YTF concert in the San Francisco Bay Area. The views skyrocketed on our site when Jeremy Lin retweeted out post at the height of Linsanity.


In June 2012, she found a match and by September, she got her bone marrow transplant. A week later, Janet Liang passed away. We’re saddened by the lose, but she opened our eyes to the importance of Asian American bone marrow registration. In mid-September 2012 along with other Asian American site, we launched a bone marrow donor cyberdrive.

2. Linsanity
In his rookie season, Jeremy Lin didn’t get too much play time with the Golden State Warriors and was send to the D-League several times. December 2011 was probably the worst time for him after being waived by the Golden State Warriors, then picked up and waived by the Houston Rockets, the picked up by the New York Knicks. In February 2012, we witnessed what became known as Linsanity as Jeremy Lin played against the New Jersey Nets. Some of his better known highlights during his run include the spin move against Los Angeles Lakers’ Derek Fisher and the game winning 3 pointer against Toronto. Needless to say Linsanity caused a major spike on Listen to Jeremy Lin’s testimony about Linsanity for his first had account of that magical run.

From Linsanity, we saw companies like Nike embrace an Asian athlete with their commercial about Meng Ling : Rookie of the Year in 2030. Also look for Linsanity the movie to hit the screen in 2013.

K-Town Reality Show
3. K-Town Reality Show
Two years since, broke the story about revealing the cast of the K-Town Reality Show. The long awaited show made it’s debut online with a slight change in casting with not one, but two seasons. K-Town Reality Show Season 1 revolved around Joe and the crew helping him promote a big club event, while Season 2 focuses on the cast helping to plan Young’s wedding. K-Town Reality Show started at 10 minutes an episode in Season 1 and doubled to about 20 minutes an episode in Season 2. If you haven’t seen the series yet, you’re missing out on lots of drama, drinking, and more drama. Drinking begats more drama. Get to know Violet Kim, Scarlet Chan, Jasmine Chang, Young Lee, Steve Kim, Joe Cha, and Jowe Kyu.

Helpless Asian Teen Attacked and Jumped By 7 Others Behind School
4. Bullying
On MLK weekend, a viral video surfaced with a Helpless Asian Teen Attacked and Jumped By 7 Others Behind a School out in Chicago. Not only was giant spotlight put on race, but also on bullying. Whether it was revenge or unprovoked, there is no reason fists should be thrown. Check out these campaigns against bullying : TEASE (To Encourage A Safe Environment) : Lil Crazed Bullying Prevention Campaign and Wonder Woman by Elise Estrada

Dirty Bass by Far East Movement
5. Far East Movement
Not only did Far East Movement promote their Dirty Bass album in full swing, but the guys also made the theme song for the cartoon Monsuno. They dropped more tracks and music videos than ever in 2012 with singles including Jello, Live My Life (Party Rock Remix), Candy, Live My Life, Dirty Bass, Turn Up the Love, Change Your Life, Little Bird, For All, Lovetron, Get Up (Rattle), and Christmas in Downtown LA. They’ve been traveling the world spreading the word on the Dirty Bass Movement. What’s next for them in 2013?

Wedding Impossible with Gail Kim x Robert Irvine
6. Wedding : Impossible with Gail Kim x Robert Irvine
WWE Diva Gail Kim married chef Robert Irvine (Restaurant Impossible) over the summer. The Food Network Special Wedding :Impossible showed the highlights of their Napa Valley wedding with Irvine leading the charge and his chef friends contributing special dishes. Lots of wonderful dishes and surprises for everyone.

Seoul Sausage wins The Great Food Truck Race Season 3
7. Seoul Sausage wins the Great Food Truck Race Season 3
Seoul Sausage entered Season 3 of the Great Food Truck race to win their dream truck and cook full time. The first-generation trio of Korean Americans Yong, Chris and Ted sold their signature Korean-style sausages along with other Korean inspired dishes at each leg of their journey. They made their way from the west coast to the east coast to eventually take the win on The Great Food Truck Race Season 3. Seoul Sausage has won the keys to their dream food truck and $50,000 to start their business.

I'm Not Perfect by Cheesa x Charice
8. I’m Not Perfect by Cheesa x Charice
Singer Cheesa x Charice collaborated on the single “I’m Not Perfect“. Cheesa appeared on “The Voice” Season 2 with Team Cee Lo and is part of the group A2C, while Charice needs no introduction. The two powerhouse singer combine for a special duet to inspire those who have been underestimated and bullied.

Gangnam Style by PSY
9. Gangnam Style by PSY and the spoofs
PSY seemingly came out of nowhere this year. His music video with unforgettable characters, odd locations, and invisible horse dancing took the world by storm. Gangnam Style became the most viewed YouTube video of all time and was the first video to break the 1 billion view mark on YouTube. His music spawn numerous parodies and spoofs ( Canton Style, Lo Pan Style, Gangnam Style by Just Kidding Films, Byuntae Style by David So, K-Town style, and Opo Pinoy Style) and opened many doors with American artists like Madonna and MC Hammer. Never did we think we would hear Kpop music on the American airwaves and around the world. Look for new music from PSY in the coming year.

Sullivan and Sons
10. Sullivan and Sons
Comedian Steve Byrne brought his sitcom Sullivan and Son to TBS. Much like his own HAPA background, he created a show with a very diverse ethnic mix. His character buys a neighborhood bar from his Irish-American father, Jack Sullivan (Dan Lauria – The Wonder Years), and Korean mother, Ok Cha (Jodi Long – Beginners). Meanwhile, he has an ongoing sibling rivalry with his younger sister Susan (Vivian Bang). What can possibly go wrong running a family business? The show has been renewed for a second season, so look for more Sullivan & Son in 2013.

Some of these moments were captured in YouTube Rewind Style

Each year since we’ve started, we’ve seen bigger and bigger accomplishments from our community. We expect more unforgettable moments in 2013. We leave you with the DJ Earworm Mashup “United State of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter)” featuring Bruno Mars, PSY, and more

Wedding Impossible with Gail Kim x Robert Irvine

Wedding Impossible with Gail Kim x Robert Irvine

Back in May 2012, professional wrestler & WWE Diva Gail Kim got married to Food Network star Robert Irvine. Tonight on a special episode of Restaurant: Impossible, you’ll get to see what transpired during their wedding. This first-time departure for Food Network gives viewers an intimate look into the personal life of their star chef Robert Irvine as he gets ready to marry wrestling star and entertainer Gail Kim. Featuring some of the biggest names in food and set against one of the most magnificent backdrops in the country, at the Charles Krug winery in Napa Valley, get introduced to their family and their friends. The whole wedding was conceived, planned and executed with the same military efficiency Robert Irvine brings to the massive two-day restaurant overhauls on his show. But this day won’t be the restaurateur who is dazzled by his work; it will be Gail Kim. Robert has kept her in the dark about the details of the party, including the main event: the food. Among the things the 160 guests will get to eat include an Iron Chef battle of hors d’oeuvres featuring Masaharu Morimoto, fresh sushi, fresh mozzarella, and a five-course sit-down dinner featuring avocado and hearts of palm salad by Morimoto; gnocchi, rigatoni and the roasted pig by Chiarello; and cupcakes by Falkner. Among the attendees are Gail’s family from Toronto, Robert’s family from the United Kingdom and Abu Dhabi, the bride’s fellow professional wrestlers, and the crew members from the groom’s show. Tune in Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 10pm and look for repeats later.

Wedding : Impossible with Gail Kim x Robert Irvine

New York Comic Con flash mob wedding proposal

New York Comic Con flash mob wedding proposal

Not to be outdone by Asian American flash mob wedding proposals on the West Coast, the East Coast show you you what they’ve got. While the West Coast uses sites like UCLA and Downtown Disney, this couple in the East Coast uses the 2011 New York Comic Con as their backdrop. See the likes of Harley Quinn, Pikachu, members of Green Lantern Corps. anime characters, Jabbawockeez, a break dancing Boba Fett, and more show their moves to Bruno Mars’ track “Marry Me”. They roll out the red carpet for this special girl to meet Ash holding a Pokeball with a ring inside.

Who’s got the better wedding proposals? West Coast or East Coast?

Here’s more from Marq (the guy proposing in the video_

With the help of friends and family, I pulled off the geekiest marriage proposal of the year at New York Comic Con ’11. I conducted a flash mob of costumed dancers to the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. We had Green Lantern, Buzz Lightyear and even a breakdancing Boba Fett. Towards the end, a red carpet was rolled out and all the dancers lined up as Chriselle walked down the aisle. She reached the end where four people were lined up. They separated, revealing me on one knee dressed as the main character, Ash from Pokémon. A girl dressed as Pikachu handed me a pokéball which I opened to reveal the engagement ring. After she said “yes” and the crowd cheered, both our families came out to surprise her. It took place at 2:22pm which symbolized our anniversary, 2/22.

Vote for them at the proposal awards here.

New York Comic Con flash mob wedding proposal

Asian American flash mob wedding proposals

Trang and Nam flash mob wedding proposal at UCLAJamin and Val flash mob wedding proposal at Downtown Disney

This week was a busy week for Asian American flash mob wedding proposals. Southern California seems to be the hotspot for these big productions. Both videos were uploaded the same day. Congrats to both couples.

The first one has Nam bringing Trang back to the first place they met on the campus of UCLA. To help him with the ultimate surprise, he enlisted the services of flashmob america. The music of choice is “Can’t Take My Eyes off You” by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons. He even jumps into the mob himself to show off some of his moves. Bring back that positivity to the UCLA campus.

The second one has Jamin taking Val over to Downtown Disney. Bringing some friends together, they dance to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Just like the first video, the guy joins in the choreography. They managed to capture the pureness of every angle, every smile, every wiped tear.

Here’s more magical proposals: Secret Mission and Disneyland Marriage proposal.

Trang and Nam flash mob wedding proposal at UCLA

Jamin and Val flash mob wedding proposal at Downtown Disney


SECRET MISSION: The Proposal supporters James Huang and Elizabeth Sandy shared with us their short film “SECRET MISSION: The Proposal”. The short about a secret case turned into a surprise proposal on the set. Mission accomplished for these co-stars. Congrats to the pair, who are getting hitched later this year.

You can also catch the couple in The New Adventures of Johnny Karate & Golden Delicious and R E P R E S E N T.